Sustainable Practices

Course Code: INTD 1003

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course investigates the issues and practices of sustainability and its relationship to the practice of interior design and architecture. Prior to investigating specific practices and implications, students explore such topics as the degrading environment, micro verses macro issues, sensitivity, leadership, ethics and accountability. Students further define specific issues in sustainable interior design, including, but not limited to, air pollution; urban sprawl; deforestation; environmental resource depletion; sick building syndrome; indoor air pollutants off-gassing and CO2 emissions; and global warming with respect to reduction, minimization and alternative solutions. The course incorporates the employment of sustainable practices to support the psychological and physiological well-being of occupants of built environments through ecological accountability. A focus on implementing sustainable practices in studio projects is introduced, and the commitment of the student as designer and facilitator is stressed. Students collaborate and share accounts of successful adoption of sustainable practices in case studies as well as current industry events or projects demonstrating leadership in sustainable practices.