Video / Audio 2

Course Code: JNAL 5505

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Students emerge from this course with polished video and audio production skills by creating full- length video and audio items as well as full-length informational programs (e.g. news, lifestyle, sports, business, arts) that may be live or recorded. Opportunities will be provided for learners wishing to hone their on-air performance skills as well as their interviewing/questioning techniques for both rehearsed and impromptu situations. All work produced will be for traditional media delivery and/or for embedding in digital content packages as either stand-alone content or as complementary elements. Instruction will alternate between a structured on-campus video/audio studio environment and offsite 'remote' locations. In addition to the creation of video/audio items, learners will submit written report 'logs' summarizing and analyzing their learning.