Course Code: JNAL 5601

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This culminating course has students actively producing high quality short and long-form journalistic work that can be used in their professional portfolio.Students refine and consolidate all skills learned in the program, including writing, interviewing, on-air presentation and performance, video and audio production, research, data mining and management, as well as ethical/legal matters. The course - with all completed projects published on the website and organized around Humber's state of the art newsroom and equipment - offers an enriched newsgathering experience with a focus on creating dynamic journalistic content on a variety of digital platforms. Assignments on any given day may include spot newsgathering, specialized content reporting, as well as individual or teamwork on investigative projects or topics, and assignments may take place on campus or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. The course will be tied to rigorous deadlines reflectiveof current industry standards. Learners will work in a collaborative setting that includes leadership roles with full assigning and supervisory responsibilities.