Course Code: JOUR 3501

Academic Year: 2022-2023

While breaking news may be the meat and potatoes of the journalist's craft, it could be said that features are the salad, the gravy, the apple pie or trifle - those additional elements that give the meal taste, shape and texture. Features focus the attention on the details, the human interest and the background of storytelling. In this course, students develop their storytelling skills by looking beyond the headlines to add depth and breadth to the story presentation. Features illuminate the news and the people and places involved. Following examination of the current market for features and freelancing, students will concentrate on finding a workable idea for a story; pitching it to an appropriate audience, either magazine, online or broadcast; and then researching, writing, shooting and editing the piece for offer to that journalistic outlet as a freelance feature. Items from this course will also be offered for consideration to the program website for posting.