Senior Level Thesis Preparation

Course Code: JOUR 4002

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course is the first of two senior-level thesis project courses requiring students to integrate concepts and approaches gained from all previous courses. Working independently, students will be expected to make a significant contribution towards the completion of an analytical essay and a journalistic multiplatform production over the two semesters. Students produce the project based first on a proposal submitted for review, along with a written list of sources and objectives. Working in groups, students will work in a collaborative setting, reflecting on concepts and theories of teamwork and approaches to research as well as sharing and critiquing each other's progress in assembling and organizing material for the senior-level thesis project. In addition, students will produce a research essay that will incorporate feedback from meetings with the professor and feedback arising from the class presentation. The essay will offer either a critical analysis of the same aspect of the project planned for Year Four - Semester 2 or a critical analysis of a different, yet related, aspect of the project planned for Year Four - Semester 2. Once this detailed research and analysis phase has been completed, students progress to the production phase addressed in the Senior-Level Thesis Project course. There will be three phases of research that include 1) assembly and organization, 2) evaluation and review and 3) consolidation of the completed work that has implemented reflection.