News Reporting 1

Course Code: JRNL 205

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course continues to build on the foundation laid in Fundamentals of Reporting. Emphasis is placed on students reporting in the field, using a variety of standard and online research tools. Students are placed under deadline pressure to produce original source content, using both spot and feature text and visual forms that target a defined newspaper audience. Police and court reporting and coverage of public meetings take place in the field. Students also learn and develop copy editing skills through self and peer editing. The course focuses on acquiring the skills needed to develop and communicate story ideas by writing story synopses and story pitches; cultivate and maintain sources using newsgathering practices; accurately report and write stories using both spot and feature story forms; provide visuals to accompany those stories; edit copy according to journalistic style and professional standards; and determine and produce follow-up story angles. The final segment of the course focuses on students producing news and feature stories with accompanying visuals for the Humber audience.