Advanced Online Journalism

Course Code: JRNL 350

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course requires students to propose and research daily news topics and to then prepare original digital news content. Each finished product can be one or more of the following: text, video, audio, photo gallery, interactive graphic, poll, or an interactive/curated element. Students will work each day on campus and off, creating original content, writing effective web headlines and copy, interviewing original and professional sources, working in a team atmosphere and meeting with professors in the morning and afternoon sessions of the class for guidance and feedback. The destination of these efforts is the Humber Journalism Program digital news portal, Humber News ( which serves the campus community and beyond which means that content must be professionally produced and refreshed on an ongoing basis. As well, breaking news must be covered and reported on in a timely, urgent manner under the direction of the course professor and the editorial team leader(s). Daily meetings will explore and establish the many ways story ideas can be produced as web content and expanded upon through the use of the different formats the online setting provides. Digital writing and editing skills, including the creation of headlines and captions, will be emphasized together with a full range of audio-video and imaging skills and a basic understanding of digital news page design.