Radio News 2

Course Code: JRNL 417

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course builds on the skills that have been developed in Broadcast Writing and Radio News 1. It concentrates on writing tight, clean radio copy as well as sharpening lineup techniques and improving organizational and interpersonal skills for the newsroom. Students learn the second part of the Burli content management system using Burli to write, lineup and read newscasts. Students write, produce and read five-minute news packages in a newsroom laboratory setting to prepare them for reading newscasts live on-air on 96.9FM, the campus radio station. Students learn to work in a broadcast newsroom setting, working in teams to create newscasts under tight deadline pressures. In addition, students critique newscasts for style, writing, lineup and presentation. Students also produce an audio report for use on @Humber, on Radio Humber 96.9FM or on the online news site of the Journalism program.