Private Lesson 7: Bass

Course Code: MAJ 4000

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course is the culmination of a student's preparation in the previous three years of curriculum and involves private instruction focused on the completion of a final project. The student will submit a written proposal as to his or her choice of Year 4 Final Project (see options below) to their major instrument head by mid-April of Year 3. Guidelines for proposal, as well as details for all project options, will be provided during Year 3 Master Class in Music Production. IN ALL PROJECTS, ALL RECORDED MATERIAL WILL BE CONSIDERED TO BE THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE STUDENT AND MAY BE USED BY THE STUDENT FOR HIS OR HER OWN USES, PROVIDED ALL LEGAL REQUIREMENTS ARE MET. The student also owns intellectual property of all music recorded in film-related projects, but as in CD recording, use of said material must meet all legal obligations. Before starting final project, all students will sign agreements relating to the previous paragraph.