Course Code: MDCM 252

Academic Year: 2020-2021

In this course, students work on internships with external clients. During that time, students apply the skills they have developed in the program in a professional environment. These skills include website development, videography and photography, as well as writing and design. Students will file initial internship reports, generate client needs assessments, and develop communications solutions. Daily activities will be assigned by the internship employer. Students will demonstrate problem solving abilities, exhibit effective communication skills, and may work as members of a team. Students are expected to behave professionally at all times with respect to attendance, decorum and performance. Failing to meet the standards set by the placement will result in dismissal from the internship and failure in the course. Students will also develop and polish their portfolio work for an industry exhibition. As well, they will manage the exhibit, organizing and displaying their creative work, creating guest lists, distributing promotional materials (e-blasts, e-invites, press releases, social media) artwork and signage for the event. Students will practice networking with potential internship employers.