Introduction to Media Studies

Course Code: MDCP 100

Academic Year: 2022-2023

(Five modules) Strategic Thinking, Communication Strategies, Intro to PR, Fundamentals of Reporting, and Intro to Advertising. In the Media industries, individuals must understand and interact with a variety of disciplines and processes. This course is designed to introduce students to five of these areas. Students will develop skills in conceptual process, creative problem-solving and strategy, as well as execution and delivery. Students will learn how the media function and what they can expect from corporate communications professionals. The identification of key audiences, needs, goals and objectives are emphasized, as are analysis and evaluation of tactics and strategies. Students will be introduced to the history, breadth and diversity, and best practices of public relations, emphasizing the role that public relations' practitioners play to create and maintain goodwill and understanding between organizations and publics. Students will learn the foundation for news writing and reporting for all media, including online news platforms. The course emphasizes the importance of news values and the development of a clear, concise and readable style of news writing. Students will also build a critical awareness and understanding of the rhetoric of advertising, and develop an understanding of the advertising agency, advertising media, and the role of advertising in society.