Strategic Marketing

Course Code: MKTG 255

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This senior-level marketing course further enhances previously learned marketing skills and brings them together in the development of a comprehensive marketing plan for the revitalization of a consumer product in Canada. Students, in teams, will be required to complete research and analysis of the industry, market, company and existing marketing program, competition and the marketing environment. They will identify and measure the size of the target market, and plan the positioning and all elements of the revised marketing program. Financials will include a three-year sales forecast and corresponding profit and loss statement for the revitalized product. In addition, each team will prepare and deliver a persuasive presentation of their marketing plan. Research skills, critical thinking and planning skills will be applied throughout the course.Please note that students who choose to take an online section of this course must write the final exam in person, at either the Humber North or Lakeshore campus, or, if located more than 100km from the campus, through an approved proctoring facility. Any costs associated with this are the sole responsibility of the student.