Advanced Multimedia Technology

Course Code: MMDD 226

Academic Year: 2020-2021

In this course, students will explore client-side coding issues in depth. Through lectures and working labs, students will gain an understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Media Queries. Students will develop a responsive website that will deliver an optimal user experience to desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Students will formally present their projects to faculty and fellow students. This project-based course introduces students to the emerging role of using After Effects in the ideation and prototyping phases of interface design. The primary use will be to create interactive video interface prototypes designed to demonstrate the usability of the concepts contained in the project. In this context, motion graphic and animation principles are used to create interface projects that communicate the usability and design of an interface project prior to it being handed off to the development team. This type of prototype will also demonstrate how the user experience of the software application works in various user scenario contexts.