Field Work Experience

Course Code: MMDD 252

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Students spend four full days a week over a span of seven weeks working as a team member at a multimedia-related job in a business organization, not-for-profit or government institution. While under the supervision of the work experience sponsor, students are provided with on-the-job instruction and production guidelines. Each student and sponsor establishes realistic performance objectives specific to the multimedia environment where the student is working. Students maintain a daily activities log which they share with the program coordinator on an ongoing basis. Participating sponsors agree to evaluate the students' performance on the job. The sponsor's evaluation is used as part of the calculation for the final grade for this course. The college representative and the sponsor consult when necessary. Students are expected to participate in fieldwork for a minimum of 210 hours (30 hours per week for 7 weeks). This course is largely student-driven, and students should expect to learn independently.