Design for Media 1

Course Code: MSFP 103

Academic Year: 2023-2024

This course covers the basic foundations of design. Its goal is to make students aware of the diversity of conceptual and layout skills as used within the world of media communications. The interrelationship of traditional and digital design techniques will be explored as they are found within the print (graphic design, journalism) and web (multimedia) professions. The creative process will be explored. Students will use basic tools of the trade, primarily traditional with digital comparisons, to apply the principles and elements of design. They will be introduced to composition and layout, typography and colour theory and experiment with communicating concepts and experiences through visual application. Students will analyze and critique examples of existing design (print and web advertising) to determine their effectiveness and cultural relevance. Drawing techniques and brainstorming will be explored as part of the creative process. Practical assignments will help students think strategically and apply the design fundamentals learned in class.