Business for Creative Industries

Course Code: MUS 4002

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course teaches students to view both themselves and their music as a business, instructing them to develop their own personal critical perspectives on how and where they will build their careers in the current music industry. Designed from a career development, experiential, entrepreneurial and business-minded point of view, this course instructs students to see their careers in a context that ranges from the local regional scene out to a national and then a global music business. Employing contemporary examples and models from professional industry, this course demonstrates how and where monetization opportunities exist within today's industry and how revenue is generated within the current industry model. Students learn about a variety of roles and opportunities that exist for modern musicians in today's marketplace. Through analysis of an ever-changing music industry landscape, students engage in project-based work, including the completion of an executive summary and business plan that enables them to evaluate their current abilities, to participate in the musical marketplace and to project their business and entrepreneurial goals as they transition into professional industry.