Directed Study 1: Recording Project

Course Code: MUS 4004

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course comprises a series of recording sessions and regular consultations with a faculty member and is designed to provide guidance for students through completion of their fourth-year final recording project. These consultations provide the students with guidance and mentorship throughout the planning, artistic direction, content decisions, organization and execution of the final recording project. By the end of the fourth year of the program, graduating students must submit a completed recording project that will showcase a culmination of their applied musical abilities in composition and arranging techniques, improvisation, performance, studio production as well as marketing and design. This assembled project will be in the form of a short CD album of tunes or a shorter CD and a track of music for film or picture. The students function as principle artists and showcases their talents as bandleaders while working with a team of other professional students from the Music program and the Graphic Design program as well as a professional recording engineer. In addition, each student functions as producer on one of their colleagues' CDs. In this role, students assist the artist with all the organizational, scheduling and production tasks surrounding his or her recording sessions in Humber's state-of-the-art recording facility. Further, a written paper, documenting the progress, challenges and accomplishments of the recording project, will also be submitted. This final recording project submission will be evaluated by a panel of faculty members and will function as a student's calling card for entrance into the music industry on graduation.