Writing Lab 5: Writing for the Organization

Course Code: PBRL 3002

Academic Year: 2021-2022

Building on knowledge and competencies gained in the previous writing labs, in this course students continue to enhance their news media and professional public relations writing skills by developing more complex materials for tightly targeted audiences. The focus is on organizational communication and tactics such as brochures, newsletters, magazines and speechwriting and feature writing. Students learn a range of interview techniques, reinforcing the methods taught in earlier labs. Students examine and critique real-world examples of public relations print and online materials, examine best practices, and create print and online pieces based on and for real organizations. The Canadian Press (CP) style of writing is used and assessed in all aspects of this course, according to precise word count and timing requirements. Awareness of current events and issues locally, nationally and internationally is essential for successfully developing the work in this course; current events knowledge is tested continually. Writing samples from this course form the basis of a preliminary portfolio in preparation for Writing Lab 6 in the sixth semester of the program .