Senior Level Thesis Project: Directed Study

Course Code: PBRL 4503

Academic Year: 2020-2021

The practice of public relations is a dynamic, knowledge-based, creative profession attracting individuals of highly diverse interests, with opportunities across many sectors and industries. The capstone course of the Humber BPR degree program offers individuals a choice in pursuing their own strengths and interests in the profession, pulling together the sum of their learning and applying it meaningfully and substantively in a 20-page thesis (plus appendices) on an approved topic, utilizing both secondary and primary research. The fundamental focus is on the research process, including quantitative and qualitative research methods, data collection and analysis; research ethics (including Tri-Council Policy Statement [TCPS 2] requirements for the Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans); Humber Research Ethics Board (REB) principles and course requirements (including REB-based participant information letters and consent forms, and research data disposal consent forms); project and time management; literature reviews; proper academic citation following American Psychological Association (APA) style; developing research questions and hypotheses. As they finalize their projects, students learn publication formatting techniques and receive tips on how to get their final version published on academic databases and professional channels such as association and college journals and websites, and how to promote their work further at professional conferences, workshops and related events.