Senior Level Thesis (Capstone) Project 2

Course Code: PBRL 4504

Academic Year: 2020-2021

This course is the continuation of Senior-level (Capstone) Thesis 1 and allows students to carry out the research as proposed and approved in Thesis 1. Working with the course professor/thesis supervisor, students work through the project, reporting to the professor at regular intervals and submitting their work in three stages. Students are assessed on their ability to collect and to analyze data, following rigorous Research Ethics Board (REB) requirements and standards, and to defend their methodology choices and analysis. As they finalize their projects, students learn publication formatting techniques and are provided tips on how to get their final version published on academic databases and professional channels such as association journals and websites, and how to promote their work further at professional conferences, workshops and related events. In the penultimate step working toward the final product, students defend their thesis in an open panel discussion involving Humber faculty and/or industry partners.