Community Response to Social Issues

Course Code: PFP 154

Academic Year: 2020-2021

This course introduces students to the study of social contemporary problems and grassroot agencies approaches and responses. It provides students with the opportunity to apply sociological concepts and perspectives to analyze social problems such as sexual orientation, changing family, poverty, drug addiction, sex trafficking, gender inequality and racial and ethnic inequalities. Students will also get the opportunity to examine the multitude of social service agencies offering assistance to individuals and communities. Historical and theoretical perspectives to community, community development and empowerment, social power and resource allocation will be discussed. In addition, student will identify systemic barriers of communication and co-operation between these agencies and the Canadian criminal justice system. Students will develop practice -based skills in problem -solving, critical assessment, interpersonal and communication skills to assess the role social services agencies play in responding to community social problems. Finally, students will analyze the relevance of social problems to policing and crime and deviance and how the criminal justice system responds.