Access to Justice

Course Code: PLBA 4500

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course focuses on issues related to access to justice in Ontario triggered by the Access to Justice Act, 2006. Students will analyze the consequences of the emergence of licensed paralegals as a recognized profession in the legal community. In particular, the course will examine the impact of regulated paralegals on accessibility to both the civil and criminal justice systems. Other amendments contained in the Access to Justice Act, 2006 will be considered for their impact on access to justice, such as changes made to the Limitations Act, 2002, the official status given to e-Laws and the modernizing of the underlying legal framework for Ontario law under the Legislation Act, 2006. The important role of paralegals in facilitating access to justice will be further explored in developing proposals for law reform in procedural and substantive areas in Ontario. Within the priorities categorized by the Law Commission of Ontario, students will identify shortcomings in the existing justice system and opportunities to improve access to the courts, administrative tribunals and government services.