Trade Documentation 2

Course Code: PLBT 212

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course reinforces the skills learned from the previous module, utilizing the fundamental concepts and methods of drafting orthographic drain plan projection views into isometric pipe layouts. Emphasis within the course is placed on the development of professional drafting skills with a goal toward a plumbing apprenticeship and career. During the course, students are participants in an individually directed learning process that involves the use of drawing tools and equipment. The students produce four isometric pictorial drawings that identify the correct location and direction relative to the locations shown in the orthographic drain plans. This course introduces students to single line process piping drafting involving rain water leaders, soil stacks, waste stacks, clean outs and vents and the drainage piping used specifically for sanitary and storm drainage. Students also learn to develop second storey vent terminals from orthographic views and produce isometric presentations to the correct scale.