Project Procurement Management

Course Code: PMPG 5012

Academic Year: 2020-2021

The Project Procurement Management Course provides students with a detailed understanding of the tools and techniques required to procure goods and services for projects. The course introduces students to the methodology of purchasing goods and services from both the buyer and seller's perspective. The topics cover all of the processes from the requirement stage to contract close out and includes the integration of an end-to-end methodological process for procuring goods and services for projects This includes developing the initial Scope of Work, Request for Proposal, competitive bidding and pricing negotiation, Supplier / Vendor selection, assessing the strength of contracts and monitoring the performance of contract terms and conditions. The course also focuses on managing these activities in order to complete the procurement of goods and services for the project successfully. Since companies are increasing collaborating with each other on projects to effectively compete in today's global market, the course introduces students to outsourcing, its advantages and disadvantages, processes and best practices. In addition, the skills required for a Project Manager to work with the organization's procurement authorities to optimize vendor relationship management will be incorporated.