Project Cost Management

Course Code: PMPG 5013

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Project Cost Management involves the formulating, estimating, evaluating and documenting of project economic outcomes in order to provide learners with the required theoretical underpinning and application of the principles of project costing and financing. Project Cost Management includes assessing and choosing the right project mix using capital budgeting structures, cash flow analysis, time value of money and other quantitative criteria. The course will also delve into estimating and budgeting projects, costing methods, and mathematical models. Since cost control is paramount for the success of any project outcome, the course introduces students to earned value management techniques for monitoring financial performance of projects. By comparing the project actual performance against plan, students will be able to identify variances, evaluate possible alternative action plans, and take appropriate corrective measures. In addition, the course introduces learners to the financial statements, ratio analysis and financial reporting structures for overall governance. The course will prepare student to apply best practice project cost management principles in industry.