Public Relations Writing Lab A

Course Code: PRD 113

Academic Year: 2023-2024

The theme of this course is identifying what is news to target key conventional and online media and industry influencers. Strong writing skills are essential to succeed in public relations. In this first writing lab in the program, students will quickly discover public relations writing is not about flowery language or long-winded essays. It is writing that is clear, to the point and customized to capture the imagination of intended audience(s) to meet specific objectives. Basic media writing skills that emphasize: accuracy, clarity and brevity; apply CP style to all work; use various proofreading techniques to produce error-free copy; and identify elements of newsworthiness from the media, influencers and public relations perspectives are developed and practiced through technical tests, hard and soft news releases, and the typical parts of a media kit. In the public relations profession, applications for volunteer opportunities and jobs typically require writing samples. By the end of this course, provided students revise assignments, they will have a variety of writing samples that will also form the basis of a preliminary portfolio.