Food, Nutrition & Food Services for Senior Living

Course Code: RTHM 5002

Academic Year: 2023-2024

A successful senior living home provides not only safe accommodations, interesting and nutritious food and beverage options, and recreational activities; it also must provide these elements in an environment which meets the changing needs of residents and their related expectations. This course will explore the multi-faceted elements off Food, Nutrition and Food Services in a senior living home. Students will understand he roles, responsibilities, operational procedures, standards and functions of the food, nutrition and hospitality services within a senior living home in order to successfully manage those who run these operational functions. Topics explored will include specialized diets (texture modified diet, therapeutic diet, etc.) menu development, portion sizes, cycle menus, PRD systems, forecasting and food services operations in a residential setting. This course will also discuss food preparation and serving, compliance with relevant legislation and industry best practices for health, safety, sanitation, quality, and risk management.