Senior Level Business Project

Course Code: SCM 4502

Academic Year: 2023-2024

The Senior Level Business Project course requires students to operate mainly in an organization (external client), away from the college setting. This places the student in a complex and unpredictable environment demanding, on the part of the student, the informed selection and application of a range of approaches and techniques, in issues (problems, challenges, or opportunities) relevant to a professional setting. In this course, students are expected to demonstrate workplace-ready competencies through the successful evaluation and resolution of supply chain issues for the external client. Relevant business theories and techniques from previous coursework, as well as primary and secondary research, will be used by students to systematically analyze a supply chain issue, construct and evaluate alternatives, and plan implementation, in a dynamic business setting. Students will be expected to demonstrate high-level problem solving, decision-making, communication, self-management, and teamwork skills.