Energy Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing

Course Code: SNRG 351

Academic Year: 2022-2023

This course introduces students to the sales and marketing tools and strategies employed by successful businesses in the sustainable energy and building sectors, with an emphasis placed on those that are successful in promoting solutions with a high perceived initial cost and long term financial and environmental payback. Sales and marketing strategies that are appropriate to equipment retailers, consulting firms, contracting companies, energy suppliers and real estate developers are discussed. Content includes how to target customers, the process of market segmentation and positions, the stages of the product life cycle, pricing strategies, the element of the promotional mix and evaluating the success of a marketing strategy. Choices of media and media professionals, word-of-mouth advertising, customer follow-up and retention are also reviewed. At the end of the course students present and analyze an existing sales and marketing strategy of their own choice from the energy sector. The basics of entrepreneurship are also introduced, including identifying needs and opportunities, conducting market research and writing a business proposal.