Sociological Theories of Crime

Course Code: SOCI 3003

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This course builds on the foundation courses where students were introduced to criminology, victimology, social problems and more. A major objective is to support students in developing an alternate method of considering social and criminal behavior through a systematic position as opposed to an individual perspective. Students will examine the sociological theories in detail and relate them to crimes and deviance in Canada. In addition, students will learn to understand and analyze the connections between sociological theories and empirical research. In this course students will cover some key sociological theories of crime such as social strain theories, social control theories, social conflict theories, culture deviance theories, symbolic interaction, and functionalism. Students attempt to explore each theorist/ theory within their society and during their period of time; so we may gain a better understanding of the specific social and historical contexts which gave rise to their theoretical approach. A constant theme will be established in the course that is of a complex understanding of theories based on scope, logical structure, empirical evidences, validity, and finally policy implications.