Field Practice and Seminar 3

Course Code: SSW 267

Academic Year: 2022-2023

Students will continue with an in-depth field experience doing front-line work in a human services agency under direct supervision. Students will learn how to integrate constructive feedback into work performance improvement and use reflective learning strategies. At this point in students' field placement journey, they will be able to take initiative and demonstrate all core skills required of a beginner social service worker. Learning will focus on how to navigate complex moral, ethical, clinical and political issues as they emerge in the students' placements. During seminar classes, students will discuss problems and situations that arise in field practice and integrate learning acquired from academic courses with practical experiences. It is an opportunity to discuss transitioning from student to professional social service worker and to identify what is required to be successful in the field. Students will reflect on how their field practice work can be presented to potential employers in the field.