Programming Fundamentals

Course Code: TECH 104

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Students learn to develop logic to write structured programs. Different engineering and technology problems and issues are presented in the course, and the students learn to analyze and develop solutions to these problems. These solutions may then be implemented as applications in structured programming approach. In this course, the basics of programming languages are introduced. The learners will select the appropriate data type to store and process data and will also learn to generate the formatted output display. They learn to design, develop and implement the solutions of the problems based on the conditions and criteria defined in the problem using the control structures, conditional statements and simple arrays. They also learn to use a modular approach of writing structured programs using functions. The main objectives of the course are to introduce the concepts and standards of designing and to implement solutions in a programming language while developing a good programming style and logical and critical thinking. C is introduced as the programming language to develop the applications in this course.