The Adult ESL Learner

Course Code: TESL 5001

Academic Year: 2021-2022

This is a fully online course. This is a bridging course for students with a Humber TESOL Certificate of Achievement and/or TESL Canada Standard 1 accreditation who wish to pathway into Humber's Postgraduate Certificate in TESL. Students who successfully complete this course are eligible to enter Semester 2 of Humber's Postgraduate TESL course. This course provides students with knowledge and skills in the principles of adult ESL learner theory through an examination of second language acquisition, the personal backgrounds of adult ESL learners, their language proficiency levels, student needs and learner goals. Topics include an in-depth study of the Canadian Language Benchmarks and LINC curricula and discussion of how the learning styles and strategies of adult ESL learners are influenced /affected by the cultural, affective and cognitive domains. Technology-enhanced language learning will also be discussed and practised. In addition, students will learn how to apply appropriate surveys to assess ESL learners' needs and language abilities and adapt appropriate ESL curricula to learners' cultural and educational backgrounds.