Methodology 1

Course Code: TESL 5003

Academic Year: 2023-2024

Teaching Methodology 1 provides students with introductory knowledge of English Language Teaching (ELT) methodology, including approaches, frameworks, and techniques. Lesson design and delivery (pedagogical) skills are introduced and practiced in lesson planning and micro-teaching activities, aligned with curriculum and standards documents (LINC curriculum and Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB). Such activities also incorporate the selection, analysis, and use of appropriate ELT materials and the design of relevant tasks. This course provides learners with practical experience in the design and delivery of ELT lessons that are grounded in a principled approach (needs-centric and task-oriented) to language instruction. Learners are involved in the following pedagogical activities: reading (text books and journals), in-class group discussions, tasks, and activities, ELT materials analyses and related task design, lesson planning, and micro-teaching sessions (practice teaching, peer feedback, and self-reflection).