Ethics and Professionalism

Course Code: THER 252

Academic Year: 2020-2021

This course contains three modules. In Module 1, students will be introduced to a number of ethical issues in occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Students will be exposed to classic and contemporary ethics literature in rehabilitation medicine. They will be challenged to reflect on their own values and beliefs and, through discussion, to explore those held by others. In Module 2, students are introduced to documenting therapeutic interventions which involves the recording of relevant client information accurately and effectively. Using an on-line environment, this skill will be taught through instruction and practice and include correct terminology, use of abbreviations and writing clearly, coherently and concisely. Although the SOAP note will be taught, the principles involved will be directly applicable to most rehabilitation documentation formats. In Module 3, a formal performance-based examination will assess the comprehensive acquisition of knowledge and skills gained through the four semesters of program study. Areas of assessment include musculoskeletal, neurological, mental health, cardio-respiratory and complex rehabilitation in a variety of therapeutic environments.