International Study Abroad

Course Code: TRAV 274

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Unique to Humber's Tourism Management program is the opportunity to study abroad and earn program course credits. Each year the program will offer a 12 - 14 day study abroad experiential tour program in an international destination; the destination choice is completely driven by the students and is usually in May. Students will be fully immersed and involved in the conception, development, design, execution, and evaluation of a both a fund- raising event and trip experience. Students will be exposed on how to set objectives, allocate resources, co-ordinate team efforts, and complete budget proposals for both the event and the trip. During the semester students explore the history, culture and tourism environment of the selected destination(s). By touring destinations and attractions, students apply skills in professional tour conduct and assess and evaluate tourism services, trends and tourism development opportunities. In destination students will be responsible and evaluated on their ability to execute a variety of tourism related skills including tour design and guiding and may have the opportunity to engage in a community outreach program with a key focus on a volunteer experience. This course is an elective choice with a travel budget of approximately $2400.00 in addition to course fees.