Organizational Sociology

Course Code: UXD 5003

Academic Year: 2021-2022

UX professionals are called upon to facilitate innovation processes integrating the perspectives of users with those of the business. The cross-disciplinary teams within the corporate the body may be welcoming or resistant depending upon their social organizations, their level of expertise, their communication styles and core beliefs. By studying the group structures within a corporation, the UX practitioner is better able to plan for working effectively as an agent of coordinated and purposeful action to create tangible or intangible products. In this course students will discover the types of formal and informal structures that exist within for-profit, not-for-profit, hybrid and governmental service organizations. Using recorded field notes taken during their work placements to use as case studies students will be able to exemplify the concepts learned. They will consider and analyse the formal and informal rules, hierarchies, and divisions of labour, ecologies, autonomies, purposes, leadership styles, interactions, and communication channels which are at play in team facilitations.