Design for Change

Course Code: UXD 5504

Academic Year: 2021-2022

Effective design is the cornerstone of innovation, whether in commercial goods, information hardware, connected systems and increasingly applied to user experience concerns. Corporations have begun also to apply design methods and principles to corporate strategy, and helping multiple stakeholders and organizations work better as a system. As strategies and systems become the focus of design intervention, designers will confront complex iterative processes and be expected to include an explicit role for users as key parts of any design. Additionally, designers must be keenly aware that implementation efforts commonly encounter corporate inertia and caution, and take steps to approach stakeholders' experience of change with the same commitment to empathic research and sense-making that underlines the innovation process. Intervention design must therefore involve iterative interaction with decision-makers. In this course, students will tackle the challenges of implementing change in organizations to support effective user experience design.