Field Placement

Course Code: WORK 5510

Academic Year: 2020-2021

In this course, students are mentally prepared to acquire and secure an internship in the spring semester. The course covers interviewing and networking skills as well as current events, interpersonal skills and presentation skills. In the spring, students competitively interview against each other for placements with companies involved with advertising and promotion. Internships are not guaranteed, and they are unpaid. The success of the student in securing an internship depends on the quality of the student's portfolio and his or her interpersonal and interviewing skills, knowledge of the business, level of enthusiasm and ability to do his or her homework on agency staff and accounts. This course guides students through the process of networking and interviewing and complements the building of an entry-level portfolio in COPY 5006 Portfolio 101. Sponsor companies are selected from the advertising, business, retail and government industries. Sponsor companies are chosen on the basis of being able to provide students with copywriting experience, and students are selected to interview with companies based on the fit of their portfolios and the interpersonal skills displayed in this course. 50 per cent of the final grade relates to coursework, and 50 per cent of the final grade is awarded on successful completion of an internship. The internship grade is based on the sponsor's final evaluation.