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We offer a number of targeted presentations about Humber and the evolving college system all year round. Book a visit to have a Recruitment Advisor come to your school and speak one-on-one with your group.

Fall Recruitment Visit

Target Audience: Grade 11 or 12 C/M or U students
When: September-December
Format: Individual Humber school visits, college panels, parents' nights or fairs
Presenter(s): Student Recruitment Advisor

Individual Humber school visits are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length and focus specifically on Humber programs, services, admissions and financial aid. Humber representatives are also available to attend your parents’ night events and fairs.

Please note: College Panels can be arranged with two or more colleges attending with a general college overview hosted by your local college representative.

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Spring Degree Panel

Target Audience: Grade 11 U/C bound students (and any Grade 12 who might benefit as well)
When: Spring (late February to April)
Format: Panel
Presenter(s): Student Recruitment Advisor

We provide an informative overview of the benefits of attending college to attain a degree credential (15 mins). This is then followed by a panel presentation with the 6 GTA colleges - Centennial, George Brown, Georgian, Humber, Seneca and Sheridan (4-5 minutes for each college). Students then have an opportunity to collect brochures and speak to representatives individually.

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Winter & Spring Transition Visits

Target Audience: Students who have been approved to Humber
When: March/April
Format: Table in Cafeteria or Main Foyer
Presenter(s): Student Recruitment Advisor

This visit is intended for students who have been approved to Humber. We are offering a chance for students to ask questions about their program choice, financial aid, student services and upcoming events. We will be sending approved students a personal email invitation to notify them of our visit to your school.

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Grade 10 Career Studies

Target Audience: Grade 10 Career Studies Teachers/Guidance Counsellors
When: During winter and spring classes
Format: Classroom presentation
Presenter(s): Student Recruitment Advisor

This program is intended to give students a better understanding of the Ontario college system. We will provide answers for commonly asked questions like:

  • What is the difference between college, university and trades?
  • What kind of programs do colleges offer?
  • How do I choose the best program for me?
  • How much will I have to pay?
  • How will I afford to attend college?

This program is offered in a hands-on format, lasting approximately 1 hour. The activities include a Find your Match Career Quiz/College vs. university myths and how to read and skim a college catalogue.

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Lunch & Learn: The Ontario College System Today

Target Audience: Teachers and Administrators
When: Anytime
Format: 30-45 minute presentation
Presenter(s): Student Recruitment Advisor

This workshop is intended to give teachers and administrators up-to-date information about what is happening in Ontario’s College system. Programs, services, financial aid, and transition tips will be provided along with some take-away resources teachers can use in their classrooms to help change the myths that revolve around a college education.

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