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Andrew - Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources Management

Throughout my life, I was always the person with a plan. Whether it was classes to take, weekend activities, or work to be done, I made sure everything was set in stone. But there was one thing I had not planned: my career. As postsecondary came closer and friends submitted applications, I realized I had no plan.

I knew I enjoyed business and helping people, so I decided on a career that could incorporate both: human resources (HR). What inspired me most about the profession was the ability to aid employees in the workplace. Growing up without workplace benefits or assistance, I saw the strain this put on my parents as treatment costs became challenging and finances were difficult. This experience inspired me to work in a field that could give employees proper coverage.

While I had chosen my industry, this was only half the battle; I still needed to find a program. I thought I would be in for the long haul, but luckily I found Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources Management program almost immediately. It drew me in quickly. A two-year general business platform followed by two years of specialized HR courses and a 14-week work placement made the choice an easy one.

This was a big move for me. Although the program was great and the industry ideal, coming to Toronto was an enormous decision to make. I’ve lived in the same small town my entire life, and leaving my comfort zone would be a difficult decision. I wanted a change of pace and embraced this decision wholeheartedly. I know I made the right decision coming to Humber because of the amazing experiences and opportunities I would not have had at home. I can’t believe all of this came from not having a plan!