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Brittany - Public Relations Advanced Diploma

Choosing Humber was a no brainer for me. When I went to the Ontario College Information Fair (OCIF), I was immediately drawn to Humber’s booth. It didn’t take long for me to see that Humber’s faculty, students and reputation were exactly what I was looking for. The conversations I had with professors and current Humber students at OCIF floored me – the idea of going to a college with unmatched internships, highly competitive programs and elite graduates ignited a fire in me.

Students in my program have a competitive edge in the industry. What puts this program above others is that you hit the ground running. I jumped right into developing the skills I would be using in the field as soon as I started my first semester. In almost every lesson my professors related the curriculum back to their work experiences, which helped connect the material from each lesson to the workplace. I’ve never had a lesson that doesn’t directly relate to what I will be doing in my career and I love that!

My professors introduced me to all sectors of public relations and helped me start thinking about the path you want to take. The industry is so versatile I can work anywhere in the world! I’d like to explore working for a non-profit organization because I love volunteering. I feel so much satisfaction doing something that leaves a mark in the world. My internship in third year will help achieve this goal and give my resume a competitive advantage when I graduate.

In PR, the world is your oyster. There are so many areas you can specialize in and you can pretty much work for whomever and wherever you want. One of the most surprising and exciting things I’ve learned from my program is the importance of networking and personal branding. For me, this is more than a future job – it is my passion. I live and breathe PR every day. That fire that was lit at OCIF keeps burning and I owe so much of that to my amazing professors and peers at Humber!