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Courtney - Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Business Management

During my early years in high school I was set on attending university. Based on the stigma I had sketched in my mind, there was no way I was going to college - it was absolutely out of the picture. But as application deadlines loomed, I found myself questioning whether university was the right fit for my personality and learning style.

This was huge. I was now challenging everything I thought I knew about where I was going after high school. I started scouring through every single college’s course calendar. I spent days researching the most renowned colleges in Canada, and quickly narrowed down my search. At last, I had found my match! Humber soared to the top of my list when I discovered I could get a bachelor’s degree in commerce that's equivalent to obtaining a degree at a university. I took a campus tour at Humber, and after my visit, I told my mom we didn’t need to see any of the other colleges. I was going to Humber.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve made the right decision. Within my first week at Humber I knew I had done just that. The class sizes were small, I could see the professors taking the time to learn everyone’s name and the practical and theoretical learning style was exactly what I was hoping for – I belonged here.

As I head into my fourth year, I am so thankful for Humber! I feel extremely prepared for the real world. My professors and program coordinator are constantly organizing networking events, which allow us to talk to peers and professionals in our industry, LinkedIn groups to connect with potential employers, and a student association where we organize events assisting in strengthening our portfolios. My classmates have also become my support system. We have built a family within the classroom as well as lifelong friendships.

I began working as a Student Ambassador at Humber in my first year and can very easily say I have the absolute best job on campus! Working for Humber has given me so many opportunities, but the best one is the chance to share with future students what my tour guide shared with me. I want everyone who visits to know and feel that we will do everything we possibly can to ensure our students succeed.

What’s next to come for me is unknown, but I do know I owe my future to Humber and the amazing faculty and staff who have supported me through everything!