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Kirsten - Public Relations, Advanced Diploma

During high school, my goal was to enter the veterinary field. I spent my time shadowing a vet, working as a farm hand and completing a co-op in my final year. I thought I had everything mapped out but still had some doubts. I loved English, art and won several writing awards, but was still determined to go into the sciences. I enrolled in a veterinary technician program and attended a college away from home. I thought being a vet was what I’d be doing for the rest of my life. Once I started my studies I realized the program and the career path wasn’t a good match. It just didn’t feel right and certainly didn’t fit in with my long-term goals. I was having a hard time finding happiness with something I once loved. After completing one semester I decided to take some time off to find my new niche.

Afterwards, I felt defeated but knew I wanted to go back to postsecondary. I worked full-time and took continuing education courses in my spare time. I knew I was a creative person with a keen eye for detail. A coworker of mine had just graduated and was starting out in the field of public relations (PR). The work she was doing was so interesting to me; it had all the design and writing elements I was looking for. I asked for her advice and she gave a great perspective on the industry. She was a recent graduate of Humber’s Public Relations advanced diploma: one of Canada’s longest running public relations programs. I began my research and started calling corporate offices and agencies to see what educational background their staff had. Humber was always on the list. I took an introduction to PR course online and fell in love. I knew I found a match!

However, I had some concerns about going back to school. What if this wasn’t the right fit? What if I fail again? Any concerns I had about coming to a new school were eliminated during my first class. My writing lab helped re-affirm my passion and made me believe this was where I belonged. The smaller classrooms felt like my voice mattered during class discussions. The biggest change was the professors. They went out of their way to check-in with me, asked if I needed help and provided volunteer or work opportunities. All of our lessons felt relevant to current industry standards. My experience at Humber was so different from my last college; this was truly a change for the better.

Now in my final year, I am confident and prepared for my internship. Humber has provided me with the best education for my future. My internship employer was confident I had the best skills needed to be successful. Looking into the future, I hope to work for a corporate office doing either internal or digital communications. Regardless of where I started, Humber has been exactly what I needed all along, I just didn’t know it!