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Vicky - Business Administration, Advanced Diploma

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in a short period of time and not even know it. When I finished high school I was set on going to college for fitness and health promotion. I researched a lot of different colleges and was unsure of which to choose. Humber was my first choice because it offered so many opportunities. When it came to finally making a decision, I ended up choosing an offer elsewhere because I panicked as the deadline approached.

The semester began, I moved into residence, met many great people but felt like something was missing. I took some time and reevaluated my choice. After some self-reflection, I rediscovered Humber and found a program that was the perfect fit.

I liked numbers, problem solving, studying, and networking and realized I had been developing these skills my entire life. That’s how the decision to pursue an education in business arose. With the blink of an eye, I am now in my second year of the Business Administration diploma program.

I plan to transfer to the Bachelor of Commerce, Finance program after completing my diploma because this program pathway allowed to me to get the most credits toward my degree. Humber has been an incredible place to learn and this community helped me develop my skills and knowledge further inside and outside the classroom.

All students deserve acknowledgement, inspiration and a place of belonging. Humber College provides the whole package! I could not picture myself attending college anywhere else.