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Social Media

Dates: July 5, 2019 – July 20, 2019

Location: Humber Lakeshore Campus

The meteoric rise of social media has reshaped how we communicate on a personal and professional level. This course will contribute to a student’s strategic understanding of the tools and techniques used by professional communicators to achieve stated objectives by providing a strategic context and overview, defining best practices, critically analyzing major social media and their most effective use in professional communications in a broad range of applications:  marketing, executive and employee communications, crisis communications and community building. Students will learn about a variety of social media applications, blog regularly, learn about metrics and SEO, and, as a capstone for the course, develop a social media client workshop. The course will foster a collaborative, peer to peer, open source, online, 24-7 culture that is essential to social media success. The course provides the foundation of knowledge and skills in planning, executing and measuring effective use of social media in a professional context.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Define social media and explain its importance to individuals and organizations across sectors, industries and geographies;
  2. Identify key historical milestones in the development of social media;
  3. Compare and contrast social media communities/stakeholders with more traditional community structures;
  4. Compare the different social media platforms currently in popular usage and identify which is appropriate for a variety of situations;
  5. Discuss methodology and possible benefits and limitations of SEO tactics;
  6. Analyze social media metrics and interpret their importance in the context of communication goals and objectives;
  7. Create a social media campaign using knowledge of models, theories and best practices;
  8. Analyze the economic, political and social impacts of social media on society;
  9. Write clear and effective industry specific material for various social media platforms, using CP style as appropriate;
  10. Present ideas clearly and effectively using a variety of social media platforms;
  11. Investigate and critically analyze a social media campaign;
  12. Work effectively independently and as a member of a group.
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