To request a non-academic appeal, a student must complete the Non-Academic Appeal Form below within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written decision.  

Appeal delays must be approved by the Office of Student Community Standards by contacting or as per section 3 of the Code of Student Community Standards Procedure.

A right of appeal is available where at least one of the following conditions/grounds is met:

1. There is new evidence that is likely to change the outcome.

2. There is evidence of procedural error or bias in the process.

3. The sanction imposed is not consistent with the nature of the offense.

Date on Decision Letter *
E.g., 12/02/2022
Appeal Package
To complete this online submission, please upload a typed, double-spaced explanation addressing your rationale for requesting an appeal review. Please highlight the conditions/ground(s) under which the appeal is being made; the explanation/reasons that will be used to support the grounds for appealing; and the requested resolution. Finally, please include the decision letter along with any other supplementary documentation/information.
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