APQA and Program Renewal

Annual Program Quality Assessment

All College programs undergo an annual quality assurance review - the APQA. These assessments are intended to provide a snapshot of where a postsecondary program is in its lifecycle. They allow faculty and administrators to reflect on the program’s performance over the previous year and helps them identify progress on action items. Annual reviews are an important aspect of Humber's Academic Quality Framework.

Annual Performance Metrics - performance metrics, produced annually, measure an academic programs progress towards strategic goals and a range of identified institutional priorities.

Alignment to Vocational Learning Outcomes - using program maps as a key resource, program teams assess the relevance and currency of academic programs in terms of structure, delivery and content.

Program Maps – after reviewing the alignment of a programs VLOs, the faculty team modifies the program map and uploads a current version to be stored centrally. Faculty teams also indicate any plans for curriculum renewal.

Action Plan - progress and completion of goals/recommendations are reflected upon and reported on during the APQA process.

You can submit your APQAs here.

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