Implementing & Maintaining Standards

All colleges in Ontario undergo a full institutional College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP) every five years that is designed to assure and measure quality in their institutions. The audit is managed by the Ontario College Quality Assurance Service (OCQAS), an arms-length agency mandated by the province to allow the colleges autonomy in governing their own programs.

The audit’s purpose is to ensure continual improvement and is an opportunity to demonstrate the College’s commitment to provide students with the best possible postsecondary education.

PPDR manages the audit process on Humber’s behalf and connects with all Faculties and departments to collect evidence of quality assurance processes and procedures as part of the audit.

The Audit’s six quality assurance standards are:

  • the existence of a quality assurance system
  • that Program or Vocational Learning Outcomes are at the centre of program development and throughout the program’s lifecycle
  • the alignment of programs of study with relevant government requirements
  • the quality of program delivery and student assessment
  • the communication and monitoring of established academic policies and practices related to academic issues
  • the existence, availability and allocation of resources (human, physical, financial) and technological infrastructure to support student achievement of program learning outcomes

Stages of the audit:

Stages of Audit Process

In 2018, Humber completed an 18-month report on its most recent audit and earned Mature Status, This reflects its commitment to quality and shows that its systems and processes meet or exceed OCQAS standards.

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