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Humber is committed to delivering academic programs that are current and relevant. This involves updating curriculum to reflect evolving trends in industries, the labour market, and student needs. For a timeline of all program and curricular changes, please refer to the Program Change Matrix.

The following forms are used for program and curriculum updates:

Program Inventory Form: indicates changes made at the program level including title, description, learning outcomes, number of semesters, number of hours, number of credits, field placements, work semesters or practicum assignments. This form is also used to indicate the creation of a new program, or the cancellation of an entire program.

Academic Pathway Schedule of Study/Block Transfer Form: used to create or revise a block transfer schedule of study into diplomas or degrees.

Course Inventory Form: required for adding, cancelling, or changing an individual course. This form is accompanied by the Schedule of Studies form.

Schedule of Studies Form: used to indicate changes to course sequencing (i.e. moving a course to another semester).

Delivery Mode Program Change Form: required when a program's delivery mode is changing more than 25%. This form is accompanied by the Schedule of Studies - Delivery Mode form.

Schedule of Studies - Delivery Mode Form: used to indicate changes to course delivery mode.

For more information and support regarding curriculum updates, see Teaching & Learning Support.

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